About us

As an independent engineering services company, our mission is to provide you with a broad range of high quality engineering services.

Through many years of cooperation with the most renowned companies in the aerospace and high-tech industries, we have honestly acquired the necessary expertise in aerospace engineering today.

You know the ups and downs in the order situation. Overcapacity worsens the working atmosphere, is expensive and reduces the efficiency of your employees. By contrast, understaffing puts a strain on the health of your employees, causing them to fail and resulting in slower response times (time is money).

The solution here: a cooperation with us.


A steadily increasing number of satisfied customers and employees and decades of industry knowledge are the proof:
We are the right partner for you.


 Our long-term corporate strategy guarantees that existing knowledge will remain available in the future


More than 30 years of experience in the field of engineering services ensure reliable, efficient and competent order processing. We can really do:
"The right person at the right time in the right place"


Tight deadlines, unscheduled development findings or lack of adequately qualified personnel?
Test our flexibility!