IT Expert - Solution Management (m/f/d)

Job Number: 19325
Date: 31.07.2023
Location: Berlin

HESYS ist seit Jahrzehnten ein etablierter AEROSPACE-Partner und Engineering-Dienstleister für die internationale Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie und in vielen weiteren Bereichen der allgemeinen High-Tech-Industrie tätig.

Unsere langfristige Unternehmensstrategie zielt gleichermaßen auf zufriedene Mitarbeiter und Kunden. Wir würden uns daher freuen, auch Sie zukünftig in unserem hochqualifizierten Team bei HESYS begrüßen zu dürfen.

Für einen Projekteinsatz bei unserem namhaften internationalen Kunden aus der Hightech-Branche in Berlin suchen wir Sie als IT Expert - Solution Management (m/w/d).


HESYS has been an established AEROSPACE partner and engineering service provider for the international aerospace industry for decades and is active in many other areas of the general high-tech industry.

Our long-term corporate strategy aims equally at satisfied employees and customers. We would therefore be delighted to welcome you to our highly qualified team at HESYS in the future.

For a project assignment with our well-known international customer from the high-tech industry in Berlin we are looking for you as IT Expert - Solution Management (m/f/d).



We are looking for IT experts, able to balance technological opportunities with business (process) requirements. Plan, design and integrate IT system components including hardware, software and services. Deliver the global design including technical requirements, principles and models that guide solution design for the IT Product, in line with the Enterprise Architecture guidelines in strong collaboration with Technology Specialists.

You should be able to support an already established team in one of the different aspects, as detailed below. High expertise is expected, to be proofed with successfully completed projects and working experience.

You will be based in Berlin as IT Expert - Solution Management (m/f/d) responsible for the following tasks:



Skill: IT System Architect:

- Knowledge of Requirement Engineering methods

- Knowledge of the IREP Standard

- System Thinking & definition of sub-system specifications

- Knowledge of System Engineering, Requirement definition and engineering



OR Skill: DevOps and Virtualization:

- High Experience in IT Integration Projects

- Deep knowledge in DevOps methods

- Knowledge of SW distribution systems like Satellite, WSUS

- Knowledge in Development system architectures

- Basic knowledge in IP Networking

- Detailed knowledge of virtualization technologies and architecture, e.g. RedHat and VMWare virtualization architecture for Data Center Windows technologies (like RDS, WSUS, GPO and AVS)

- Knowledge of Datacenter Management Applications (RedHat CloudForms and Satellite, VMWare Manager, ...)

- Knowledge on Hardware Systems for Data Center and RHEL OS

- Detailed knowledge on datacenter network services architecture DNS and NTP

- Knowledge of the different licencing models of RedHat, VMWare, Microsoft)



OR Skill: IP Planning and IP Backbone:

- Experienced in Enterprise IP WAN Networks

- Knowledge on Switching, Routing, IP Sec protocols

- Ability to design enterprise IP WAN Networks

- Detailed Knowledge in IP Netzwerkelements from CISCO, ARISTA

- Experienced in Command line for ARISTA, CISCO

- Definition of test cases in Xray or other test case tools



OR Skill: IT Engineering Scripting and Automization:

- Experienced in Scripting especially Ansible and Powershell

- High Experience in IT Integration Projects

- Knowledge of RedHat or VMWare virtualization architecture for Data Center

- Knowledge in RedHat and Windows OS

- Knowledge of Datacenter Management Applications (e.g. RedHat CloudForms and Satellite, VMWare Manager, IdM, AD, ...)

- Basis knowledge in IP Networking & Usage of DevOps methods

- Definition of test cases e.g. in XRay



OR General Agile Teams Responsibilities, applicable for all skill profiles above:

- Collaborate with the Product Owner to create and refine user stories and acceptance criteria

- Participate in PI Planning and create Iteration plans and Team PI Objectives

- Develop and commit to Team PI Objectives and iteration goals

- Create and test the work products defined by their features

- Test the work products defined by their features

- Deploy the work products to staging and production

- Support and/or create the automation necessary to build the continuous delivery pipeline

- Continuously improve the team’s process

- Apply test-first practices including Test-Driven Development (TDD) for unit tests and Behavior-Driven

- Execute acceptance tests and maintain the test cases in a shared repository



- Studium im Bereich Informatik oder vergleichbar

- Berufserfahrung in den oben genannten Bereichen

- Sprachkenntnisse: Deutsch verhandlungssicher, Englisch verhandlungssicher


- Degree in computer science or comparable

- Professional experience in the above mentioned areas

- Language skills: German business fluent, English business fluent


HESYS TechnicalSystems GmbH & Co. KG

Tel: +49-89-6131287



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